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2005 Ultimate Grand Supreme
Kristen Santos

2005 West Coast Finals UMMI and UF Royalty

2005 Universal Faces Royalty

2005 Swimwear Royalty

Welcome to California State 
Universal Miss & Master
and Universal Faces!

Universal Miss & Master International

2005 West Coast Finals Royalty

Universal Faces Swim Winners
Katelyn Guttierez
Erin Williams
Nicole Gutteriez
Alyssa Anderegg
Lindsey George-Reyes
Lisa Smith

UMMI Swim Winners
Cassidy Blair
Sydney Shalhoob
Erin Williams
Reyna Armour
Jessica Weber
Lindsey George-Reyes
Lisa Smith
Susan Honaker

Universal Faces Beauty Queens
Sydney Shalhoob
Reyna Armour
Jessica Weber
Lindsey George-Reyes
Nicole Honaker

UMMI Beauty Queens
Kristen Cortines
Shelby Shalhoob
Dominique Becerril
Breanae Bandy
Tanessa DeLeon

UMMI Talent Queens
Raven Armour
Richelle Frazier

UMMI Model Queen
Aashika Kumar

Universal Swim Wear Supremes
(Combined swim scores of both UMMI & UF)

$$$ Kristen Cortines $$$
$$$ Raven Armour $$$
$$$ Chandler Soria $$$
$$$ Casandra Ashe $$$
$$$ Lauren Rodenback $$$
$$$ Kristen Santos $$$
$$$ Karlie Rodenback $$$
$$$ Nicole Honaker $$$

Over All Winners
$$$ Theanna $$$
$$$ Kristen Cortines $$$

Supreme Winners
$$$ Supreme UMMI Photogenic ~ Lisa Smith $$$

$$$ 0-8 years UMMI Elegant Supreme ~ Reyna Armour $$$

$$$ 9 & up UMMI Elegant Supreme ~ Trinity DeLeon $$$

$$$ 0-8 years UMMI Regal Supreme ~ Erin Williams $$$

$$$ 9 & up UMMI Regal Supreme ~ Stephanie Richelle $$$

$$$ 0-8 years UMMI Supreme Model ~ Alondra Gonzalez $$$

$$$ 9 & up UMMI Supreme Model ~ Catherine YBarra $$$

$$$ 0-8 years UMMI Supreme Talent ~ Nicole Guttierez $$$

$$$ 9 & up UMMI Supreme Talent ~ Alyssa Anderegg $$$

$$$ 0-8 years UMMI Supreme Beauty ~ Casandra Ashe $$$

$$$ 9 & up UMMI Supreme Beauty ~ Lauren Rodenback $$$

$$$ 0-4 years FACES Mini Grand ~ Kristen Cortines $$$

$$$ 5-10 years FACES Mini Grand ~ Casandra Ashe $$$

$$$ 11 & Up FACES Mini Grand ~ Kailee Rodenback $$$

$$$ 0-4 years UMMI Mini Grand ~ Cassidy Blair $$$

$$$ 5-10 year UMMI Mini Grand ~ Jessica Weber $$$

$$$ 11 & up UMMI Mini Grand ~ Nicole Honaker $$$

$$$ UMMI Ultimate Supreme ~ Chandler Soria $$$

$$$ FACES Grand Supreme ~ Alyssa Anderegg $$$

$$$ UMMI Grand Supreme ~ Kailee Rodenback $$$

$$$ Universal Ultimate Grand Supreme ~ Kristen Santos $$$

Universal Miss and Master & Universal Faces - California  offer a variety of pageant events including preliminary, regional and West Coast Finals. We strive to provide provides fun, fair, and rewarding pageants and to promote good sportsmanship at all times.

Universal Miss & Master is a long established and highly esteemed glitz pageant system looking for total package contestants. Competition events may include interview, beauty, talent, modeling and photogenic categories.

Universal Faces is the sister pageant system to Universal Miss & Master International and is natural style pageant system looking for a pretty face, personality and stage presence. Attire and modeling ability are not scored and there are no photogenic or modeling categories.

At Universal pageants, all contestants have an equal and fair opportunity to win titles at our pageants. All advertised awards are given on stage at each event. No one leaves empty handed and each contestant is awarded a minimum of a pretty tiara and nice gift. Judge panels are well qualified and all judge decisions are final. Score sheets are distributed right after crowning ceremonies.

In addition to actual pageant awards, there is so much more to be gained at Universal pageants by making friendships, and learning the arts of competition and good sportsmanship. You'll see pageantry at its best, as you enjoy the on stage presentations at each event.

Each year, California Royalty are encouraged to represent their titles at our events and are also invited to progress to Universal International Grand Finals, held in Las Vegas, NV.  


Upcoming 2005-2006 Event Schedule

Universal Showcase, January 22, Fullerton, CA
Click HERE for Paperwork!

UMMI CA State Pageant, March 10-12, Visalia. CA

Click on the pageant date to download paperwork
Send completed entry forms to:
Entry forms go to Miss Rose at

Additional preliminary pageant dates and locations TBA




2005 West Coast Finals
February 18-20, 2005
Fullerton, CA
Click HERE to view the Royalty


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