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Universal Faces SUMMER SPLASH

followed by
Universal - Swim Party!
Enjoy the Overlook Activity Center's
indoor facilities & outdoor swimming pool!

Click HERE for printable paperwork

Universal Faces is a "Natural Style" Pageant System and is the sister pageant to Universal Miss & Master International -
which is now celebrating it's 18th year in the pageant industry!

Sunday, June 12th, 2005
at the
Overlook Activity Center
1200 Creekside Drive
Folsom, CA 95630 - (Sacramento area)

Entry open to contestants of all ages!
Universal Faces is a natural style pageant system looking for
pretty face, personality & stage presence.
Enter to win beautiful crowns, sashes, & age appropriate "name brand" gifts!

PARTY! PARTY! PARTY! You're Invited!!!
Universal Swim Party to follow pageant!
All 2004-2005 Universal Faces & Universal Miss & Master --
International, West Coast & Preliminary Royalty, chaperones & guests attending the pageant are invited to stay for an after the pageant swim party!
Refreshments provided.
Please be sure to bring towels & every day swimwear for the party!

0:00 AM - 11:00 Registration
11:00 AM Royalty Introductions
11:10 AM Stage Time: 0-4 yrs.
11:30 AM Stage Time: 5-10 yrs.
12:00 PM Stage Time: 11 yrs. & up
Tabulation Break
Awards Ceremony followed by After Pageant Swim Party
* if enough baby entries will split to 0-12 m, 13 to 23 m. & 24 to 35 m.

AGE DIVISIONS: Girls: 0-18 months ~ 19-35 months ~ 3-4 years ~ 5-6 years ~ 7-8 years ~ 9-10-years ~ 11-12 years ~ 13-15 years ~ 16-19 years, 20 + years. Boy & Mrs. divisions determined by entries received.

COMPETITION RULES: 90 sec. stage time. M/C will cue contestants. Modest one or two piece swim suits, no thong style suits. Sarongs/wraps & props are allowed. Bare feet allowed. We are looking for natural facial
beauty, personality and "stage presence". No makeup on 0-4 yrs. No wiglets, falls, or wigs allowed. No fake teeth ("flippers"). Recommend a "girl next door" look, not big pageant hair or heavy stage make up.

All judge decisions are final. Good sportsmanship is a must at all times.Contestants are awarded the one highest title won by their scores in pageant.

SCORING: 9.5 to 10 points for each criteria: facial beauty, personality & stage presence. No point deductions
for crooked or missing teeth. * Attire, modeling ability and fitness are NOT scored. Each contestant is
judged individually. No comparative scoring or group line up. Score sheets are distributed after awards ceremony.

Titles & Awards
Beauty Supreme: 2 in pageant: 0-8 yrs. and 9 yrs. & up
Highest swim wear category scores in the pageant.
*Large Crown *Banner *Gifts * $50 credit to 2005 Universal Faces Grand Finals

Face of the Universe: 2 in Pageant 0-8 yrs. and 9 yrs. & up
Highest facial beauty scores in the pageant.Each divisional facial beauty winner receives a custom award.*Large Crown * Banner * Gift *$50 credit to 2005 Universal Faces Grand Finals!

Elegant Supreme: 1 in pageant
Novice title. May not have ever won a supreme title at a pageant.Next highest swim wear category scores in the pageant.*Large Crown *Banner *Gift *$25 credit to 2005 Universal Faces Grand Finals

Queens and Kings: 1 in each age division
*Beautiful Tiara or King crown *Banner *Gift *$25 credit to 2005 Grand Finals Future Queens & Kings *Pretty tiara or Boy crown *Gift

Location Directions From Hwy 50: Take the E. Bidwell exit off Highway 50.
Loopacross the overpass & proceed on E. Bidwell until turning L onto Creekside Drive. Take the 1st "Overlook" Driveway to the left & proceed until you get to the Activity Center. Be sure to park in uncovered parking spaces only or park on the street.

Ask about our ambassador rewards program for contestants & Universal Royalty!

Further Information: email/call Mary Jean at
UniversalCA@AOL.COM or (707) 255-7192 (home) or (707) 337-8098 (cell)

Spell name phonetically (for M/C) :   Birthdate:
Hair Color:
Favorite Color: 
Eye Color:
Favorite Food:
Favorite TV Show/Movie:
Favorite Beach Activity:
Ambition: Best Friend:
Mailing Address: 
City: State:
Home Phone: Work Phone:

Consent to participate:I agree to hold harmless the Directors, staff and location of the Universal International pageant. Contestants, parents, and guests must abide by all rules and regulations set forth by Universal International. Good sportsmanship is a must at all times. We reserve the right to accept or reject any applicant. I realize that any infraction of the rules may result in disqualification. There are no refunds. I hereby grant Universal Miss the right to use any photograph. Videos or movies made during the competition or any other Universal International activity and allow them to use my name with any before mentioned, in any promotional efforts made in behalf of Universal International in this or any subsequent year. We reserve the right to divide, combine or cancel any division. You must provide your social security number for any cash prizes to be awarded. The judge’s decisions are final.

Signature of Parent or Guardian:

(Please note - this form does not calculate fees. Simply complete the form by entering the correct value in each of the boxes.)

MANDATORY REGISTRATION: Mail entries with a minimum $30 deposit. Door entries are welcome but please contact director in advance of pageant. Please pre order guest passes to provide an accurate count for refreshments. Pre registered contestants receive choice in line up in order received. First entry in is last out in age division line up, unless otherwise specified with entry form.

Pay by money order/certified funds only made payable to Mary Jean Bruce by June 7, 2005. Balances and door entries are paid in cash at the event check in table. Sorry, personal checks are no longer accepted. Mailing address: PO BOX 3038, Napa, CA 94558

Information: Mary Jean: (707) 255-7192 or (707) 337-8098 cell or email

Contestant registration fee with (1) adult chaperone pass $10.00


Talen     Divisional Beauty & Divisional Face


Universal Face (face supreme) Included in Supreme Package or add on


Elegant Supreme: (Novice Supreme. May add to div beauty or supreme pkg if eligible)*Has NEVER before won a supreme title at a pageant.  Only enter if eligible


Supreme Package:Supreme Beauty, Universal Face, Divisional Beauty & Divisional Face

Adult @ $7 ea
Child 3-12 y @ $4 ea

Babies: free     
CASH ONLY at registration! No checks will be accepted - NO exceptions!
Referred By:
Pageant contestants, attending royalty, chaperones, & guests are invited to an
after the pageant swim Party with refreshments provided.

Contestants and representing Royalty who refer contestants who have not entered a Universal pageant in the past 2 years are eligible for the ambassador rewards program. Contact Director for details. List referrals. *Referrals must list you on their entry forms as being their referring source.



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