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Universal Miss & Master International

2004 Swimwear Preliminary Royalty


$$ 0-8 Grand Supreme Alissa A

$$ 9 & up Grand Supreme Tiah E

$$ 0-8 Mini Grand Sommer S

$$ 9 & up Mini Grand: Stephanie R

$$ Beauty Supremes
Baby: Noelani O 
3-6 Brooke L 
7-12  Brianna R 
13 & up Jennifer R

$$ Regal Supreme Myranda L

$$ Face of the Universe: Savannah L 

Judges Choice: Cassandra D

Supreme Photogenic (natural)  Karina D

Supreme Photogenic  (enhanced)  Tiah E

Cover Girl: Myranda L

Centerfold Madison H

Composite Brooke L

Portfolio Alissa A


Jenna M
Alexis L
Karina D,

Amber H
Madison H,

Divisional Glamour:
Noelani O,
Sommer S, 
Brooke L,
Tiah E,
Brianna R,
Stephanie, R.

Divisional Photogenic:
Noelani O,
Alexis L,
Brooke L,
Tiah E,
Alissa A,
Stephanie R.


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