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Universal Miss & Master International


Holiday Preliminary Winners
November 9, 2003
0-18 m  Beauty Queen:  Madeline D.
              Princess: Emily R.
              Phoitogenic: Armani R.
              Glamour: Madeline D.
19-35 m:Beauty Queen: Elisa W.
               Princess: Trinity T.
               Photogenic: Elisa W.
               Glamour: Elisa W.
3-4 yrs. Beauty Queen Jennifer M.
              Photogenic: Sommer S.
              Glamour: Victoria L.
5-6 yrs Beauty Queen  Monique O.
             Princess: Audrie M.
             Photogenic: Monique O.
             Glamour: Monique O.
7-8 yrs: Beauty Queen: Alyssa O.
              Photogenic: Alyssa O.
             Glamour: Myranda L.
11-12 yrs: Beauty Queen: Katie S.
                  Photogenic: Brittany G.
                  Glamour: Brittany G.
13-15 yrs Beauty Queen, photogenic & glamour:  Canesha
King, photogenic & handsome:  Andrew R.
Overall Photogenic: (may double crown)
    0-2 Baby: Elisa W.
    3-8 yrs: Madison H.
    9 and up: Katie S.
Face of the Universe: Amber H.
Holiday Supreme Baby: Armani R.
Holiday Supreme: 3-8 yrs: Kaylee S.
Regal Supreme: Myranda L.
Model Supreme: Brittany G.
Talent Supreme: Victoria L.
Beauty Supreme: Jessica W.
Ultimate Supreme Madison H.
Grand Supreme: Sommer S.


California Regional Holiday Pageant
December 1, 2002

Grand Supreme
Mikayla English (0-8)
Madison Louks (9+)

Beauty Supreme
Samantha Meier (0-8)
Connie Cantano (9+)

Talent Supreme
Taylor Lewis (0-8)
Vanessa Lucero (9+)

Model Supreme
Amber Hawley (0-8)
Christina McArthur (9+)

Novice Supreme
Emily Rico (0-8)
Amanda Lucero (9+)

Holiday Supreme
Brooke Lincoln (0-8)
Stephanie Richelle (9+)

Judges Choice Winner
Chelsea Ortiz (0-8)

Front Cover Winner
Courtney McArthur (0-8)
Kristen Santos (9+)

Back Cover Winner
Taylor Lewis (0-8)
Stephanie Rochelle (9+)

Cover/Back Cover Alternates
Shelby Thompson
Samantha Meier
Madison Louks
Jordan Timberlake
Angie Deel

Centerfold Winner
Mariah Dunn (0-8)
Connie Cantano (9+)

Centerfold Alternates
Shelby Thompson
Amber Hawley
Kristen Santos
Stephanie Rochelle

Beauty Kings
Anthony Dunn
Andrew Rico

Beauty Queens
Armani Rivera
Alexis Maffei
Sommer Socevich
Shelby Thompson
Maranda Love
Courtney McArthur
Jordyn Timberlake
Ciera Walker
Stephanie O'Donovan
Danielle Lowrey
Kimby Thompson

Talent Queens
Madison Howard
Jordyn Watts
Kristen Santos
Katie Meier

Beauty Princesses
Nikyla Konienzky
Madison Howard
Elisa Woodbury
Jordyn Watts
Alissa Kennedy
Alissa VanOvereem
Mariah Dunn
Alissa Rodriques
Monique Ortiz
Savannah Love
Cassandra DeSouza
Alissa Ortiz
Kristen Santos
Katie Schnider
Tabitha Embug
Katelyn Embug
Rose Dunn



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