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Modeling Showcase and Talent Sweepstakes

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Welcome to Universal Miss and Master International! Universal is a seventeen year old California based, National pageant system with Preliminary, Regional, State, and Mini-National level pageants held throughout the United States. Universal Grand
Finals are held annually in Las Vegas, Nevada and is attended by contestants from all over the USA. West Coast Mini National Pageant & Talent Expo is held annually in California.

Contestant Age Divisions: 
0-17m, 18-35m, 3-4y, 5-6y, 7-8y, 9-10, 11-12y, 13-15y, 16-19y., 20& up:.Ms//Mrs.
(if sufficient entries, baby divisions to be split: 0-11m, 1 y, and 2 y)
Boy divisions are determined by the number of boy entries. 
A contestant may select either division that is within 30 days of birth date. Any contestant may choose to move up an age division, but may not move down. Send or show copy of birth certificate at registration, if not already on file.

Attire of Choice: For any questions, contact Director. Attire is not scored. See judge scoring criteria.

Party Wear Modeling Showcase category: Glitz allowed. (rhinestones and other shiny decorations). Girls:  party, prom or pageant style dress. Suggestions: 0-8 years short length dress, 9-12 years short or long length, 13 years and up: long length. Boys: suit or tuxedo. Accessories such as hats, gloves, purses, excessive jewelry, shawls or props are not recommended for beauty party wear.

Back to School Modeling Showcase category: Any nice school or casual outfit. Glitz is NOT allowed on attire. Having glitz on attire will result in 1.0 point deduction per judge. Modeling Stage Time Limit: No more than 90 seconds each for party wear & back to school/casual wear. M/C will cue contestants to exit stage. 1.0 point deduction per judge for exceeding time limit.

Talent Stage Time Limit: No more than 3.0 minutes for each talent. Exceeding time limit results in talent disqualification. Be sure to cue and cut or time music tapes to assure you will not exceed the time limit! 

Hair/Make-up: Babies none to very minimal, eg clear lip gloss.  Children to adults: Age appropriate stage makeup. Well groomed hair and nails. Hair accessories: bows, hair jewelry are allowed. Contestant chaperone can perform hair and make up for contestant or  bring  someone to assist contestant. Hair and make up artists may also be available for appointments. Check with Director or visit the Universal California State web site for H/M contact information.

Judges: A qualified panel of judges and tabulators are provided. All judge decisions are final and good sportsmanship is a must at
all times. Score sheets are distributed immediately following the pageant. Photos: Please use plastic photo protectors & label back of each photo with name and age.1 photo required for divisional
photogenic awards and 2 photos  for  Supreme Photogenic.  Submit photos at the registration table on the day of the event Please. do not mail photos! Any size B/W or color photo. Typical sizes include:  4X6, 5X7, 8X10, 8.5X11. Photos returned after awards. 

Referral Credits: We give $15 referral credits off your entry fees for each new contestant you refer who enters  Model Search.Referrals must be new to Universal and not on our mailing list. For 4 referrals, one entry is free. You must list your referrals on your entry form and they must list you as their referring source on their entry form(s) in advance of the pageant. Discount does not apply to registration fee, extra photos, guest passes or Talent Expo entry fees.

Sibling Discounts: We give 50% discounts off sibling entry fees. The first contestant pays 100% of registration and fees. After that  each sibling pays registration and 50% of fees for a same priced or less expensive entry selection(s). Sibling Discounts do not apply to registration fee, extra photos, guest passes or Talent Expo.
Camera/Videotaping: Photos can be taken at Awards Ceremony. Please refrain from using flash cameras during competition. Parents may video tape their own child's modeling or talent. An area will be set aside for video taping. Please do not video tape another contestant unless asked to videotape by another parent. May videotape throughout awards ceremony. 

Late entries: register at the pageant registration table on the day of the pageant and pay by cash. Additional photos, guest passes and extra categories may be added at the pageant registration table on the day of the pageant. Unless otherwise requested, the first entries received for each age division will be placed last in line up. After that, line up placement will be determined in reverse order as the entries are received. Contestants entering on the day of the pageant are placed at the beginning of line up.

1.    All contestants and their families are expected to be role models while at the pageant. This entails exhibiting good sportsmanship and ordinary polite behavior at the pageant. Poor sportsmanship, rudeness to anyone including hotel staff,
       gossiping, abusive language, disciplining children in an abusive manner, and use of alcohol, tobacco or illegal drugs in the competition area or dressing rooms are grounds for dismissal without refund from the pageant. We also reserve the right
       to refuse entry to anyone at our discretion.
2.    All guests are asked to applaud for each and every contestant on stage. Please help make all contestants feel welcome and appreciated.
3.    Baby contestants to age 35 months must be escorted on stage by their contestant chaperone. Children ages 3 to 5 years may be escorted on stage by chaperone, as needed, without point deduction. Parents may  coach children up to age 5 years with Hand signals. Excessive coaching is discouraged, as it distracts contestants from projecting to judges while on stage.
4.    Contestants and families may not approach or speak to the judges before or during the competition. Judges will wear  badges.
5.    Adult Chaperones and Guests are asked to wear their badges at all times.
6.    Photos and score sheets are distributed immediately after awards.

Each contestant qualifies for a  paid beauty entry fee to 2004 Universal International Grand Finals, held in Las Vegas, NV! There is no double crowning in Supreme and Queen titles. Each winner receives the one highest award earned by their scores. Model Showcase winners may also compete in Talent Expo and win any talent award earned by their  scores. Talent Expo awards are jackpot cash and trophies, not crowned titles.

ULTIMATE SUPREME BEAUTY:   Winner receives a fabulous 9 inch custom rhinestone crown, beautiful sash, gift, plus $100 cash on stage & $100 credit towards entering 2004 West Coast Mini Nationals, held in CA. Highest combined beauty and glamour scores from both beauty modeling categories: Party Wear and Back to School/Casual Wear.

SUPREME BEAUTY: Up to 6 Winners! Each winner receives a gorgeous custom designed Supreme crown, sash, gift, plus $50 cash on stage and $50 credit towards entering 2004 West Coast Mini Nationals. Highest combined beauty modeling & glamour scores from any (1) category: Party Wear or Back to School/Casual Wear.
SUPREME BEAUTY WINNERS: If we bave between 0 and 24 contestants: 1 Supreme Beauty winner for Party Wear and 1 Supreme Beauty Winner for Back to School/Casual Wear categories.  25 49 contestants: 2 Supreme Beauty winners (0-8y and 9 and up) for Party Wear and 2 Supreme Winners (0-8 y and 9 y and up) for Back to School/Casual Wear. If a  0-2 y Baby Supreme is awarded, may adjust
Beauty Supreme split for rest of competition according to volume of entries in each other age division.

BABY SUPREME (0 -2y) : One Baby Supreme will be awarded to the one highest  beauty modeling and glamour scores from either modeling category, if there are a minimum of 10 babies entered into Supreme. Winner would receive same awards as
rest of Beauty Supreme winners. If  less than 10 entries, babies compete for same supreme as rest of pageant.

BOY SUPREME: A Boy Supreme will be awarded to the one highest beauty  modeling & glamour scores from either  beauty modeling category, if a minimum of 10 Boys entered in Supreme .Winner would receive same awards as rest of Beauty Supreme winners. If  less than 10 entries, boys compete for same supreme as rest of pageant. 

The following Supreme titles each win a gorgeous custom designed Supreme crown, sash, and nice gift. Plus $25 cash on stage and $25 credit towards entering 2004 West Coast Mini National Pageant & Talent Expo.

SUPREME PHOTOGENIC: Highest combined (2) photogenic scores in pageant.

SUPREME FACE OF THE UNIVERSE: Highest glamour scores in pageant, from Party Wear or Back to School.                               

NOVICE SUPREME: Highest combined beauty modeling/glamour scores in pageant. First time Supreme title.                                   

OVERALL MOST BEAUTIFUL: Highest beauty modeling scores in pageant from either Party Wear or Back to School. QUEENS and KINGS: Each Queen/King receives a beautiful crown, sash, nice gift & 2004 West Coast Mini Nationals: $25 credit.

PRINCESS and PRINCE:  Each finalist receives a beautiful crown, sash and gift.

$$$$$   TALENT EXPO AWARDS!    $$$$$

The more talent routines performed --- the greater the cash awards! Each talent routine adds $20 cash to the jackpot!

AGE DIVISIONS: Up to 10 age divisions. Each division to be determined based on ages and number of contestants entered in Talent Expo. Divisions TBA at Talent Expo. Each age divisions will be no smaller than (3) and no larger than (10) contestants per age group. Divisions start with 3 year olds and end with adult contestants.

AWARDS: Each contestant receives the one highest award won by their scores. Contestants may enter up to (2) talents and the (1) highest scoring talent will be used in determining winners.

JACKPOT CASH AWARDS: Cash awards are determined by the volume of talent entries! The more talent routines entered, the greater the cash in the jackpot. For each talent routine performed in the Expo, $20 is added to the award jackpot. The
formula for distributing cash awards from the jackpot  is: 60% to Divisional Supremes and 40% to the Overall Supreme(s) Maximum possible jackpot cash award total for 50 talent routines is $1000.Example of jackpot cash awards distribution: For an example of a  total of 50 talent routines: Jackpot amount = 50 talent routines X $20 =$1000 (total jackpot). This would award  $600 to be split by the number of  Divisional Supreme Winners. Plus $200 to the Junior Supreme Talent Winner & $200 to the Senior Supreme Talent winners.

OVERALL SUPREME TALENT WINNER(S): Large custom trophy and " Jackpot Cash Award". Plus $50 credit toward entering 2004 Universal - West Coast Mini National Pageant & Talent Expo. Up to 20 talent routines performed in Expo:(1) Overall Supreme Talent Winner 26- 50 routines: (2) Winners! (1) Junior Supreme and  (1) Senior: Supreme (Age splits TBA based on  entries)

DIVISIONAL SUPREME TALENT WINNERS: One winner in each age division receives a beautiful custom trophy and a "Jackpot Cash Award"!  Plus a $25 credit towards entering 2004 Universal -West Coast Mini National Pageant & Talent Expo.

TALENT FINALISTS: Each talent finalist receives a  custom participant trophy.

Crowne Plaza - Holiday Inn North San Jose
777 Bellew Drive, Milpitas CA 95035
Hotel Reservations: (408) 279-6600

Actual Schedule to be Posted at Registration


8:00 - 9:30 Registration/Check in:  All ages check in to submit photo and  pick up contestant # & chaperone/guest badges.  Late/door entries register at this time.  If entered in both Showcase and Talent Expo, turn in tapes/CD's.

9:30 Party Wear  Baby Divisions ready in line up Followed by Boys

9:50 3-4 year olds line up. Followed by each Miss division until Party Wear is completed.

10:30 Back to School/Casual Wear starting with Baby Divisions followed by Boys.    

11:00 3-4 year olds line up. Followed by each Miss division until Back to School is completed. Followed by tabulating during lunch break.

NOON Registration for Talent Expo. All contestants turn in music and receive Talent  contestant  number.  Talent only chaperones receive chaperone badges.  (Chaperones form earlier pageant use same badges and are already registered for talent)

12:45 PM Crowning Ceremony Beginning with Universal Royalty Introductions. On stage contestant photos will be taken directly after awards ceremony.

1:30 TALENT EXPO!   First talents starting with youngest age division. 2nd talents to follow as ready in  line up.

4:30 Talent Expo Awards Ceremony and photos.


Scores and photos are distributed immediately following the Crowning/Awards Ceremony.
Note: there is no score for attire. Points are not deducted for crooked or missing teeth. There is no comparison between
contestants for beauty, glamour or photogenic scoring. Each contestant is judged individually.
Beauty Scoring
9.5 10.0 Beauty
9.5 10.0 Poise
9.5 10.0 Personality
9.5 10.0 Overall package

Glamour/Handsome Scoring                  
9.5 10.0 Judged while on stage during beauty modeling.

Photogenic Scoring
9.5 10.0 Overall Impression.
The (1) highest scoring photo score is used for age division photogenic awards. The (2) highest scoring photos are
used to determine the Supreme Photogenic winner. A maximum of (3) photos may be submitted.

Talent Expo Scoring
9.5 10.0 Ability/Technique
9.5 10.0 Showmanship/Stage Presence
9.5 10.0 Overall  Package
A maximum of (2) talents may be entered & the highest (1) talent score determines winners.

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